The Harlow Group operates out of 65,000 sq/ft. of manufacturing space and has invested in the latest sheet metal manufacturing technology.


  • 3 Amada blanking machines with the ability to punch and laser materials up to 10mm thick
  • 3 Graining machines for high quality brushed work
  • Automatic load system for 24/7 production 13 brake presses with a capacity up to 3m long
  • 3 Hydraulic power presses from 30t to 160t 6 welding bays and the ability to weld steels and aluminium using MIG & TIG
  • Range of spot-welding and stud welding equipment up to 50Kva
  • Insert machines for bushes, studs and pins
  • Alpha Cell for prototype and fast-track work
  • Solid riveting
  • 3 Stage iron phosphate for degreasing and paint preparation
  • Automated powder-coat line with full reclaim system
  • Environmentally sealed clean room for high quality wet paint finish
  • Silkscreen department
  • Dedicated assembly space
  • Own transport

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