Quality Assurance

Harlow Group’s policy is to provide high quality sheet metal fabrications and assemblies that meet or exceed our customer’s expectations.

Our approvals include the following:

  • International aerospace standard BS EN 9100:2009 (AS9100 REV D)
  • Quality Management System of which is accredited to the international standard BS EN ISO 9001:2015

Please also review the following related documents:

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COVID-19 Risk Assessment
AS9100: Rev D & ISO9001: 2015 CERTIFICATE
Anti Bribery Corruption Slavery and Business Ethic Policy

Health & Safety at Work

Our policy is to provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions, equipment and systems of work for all our visitors and employees. We will provide such information, training and supervision as they need for this purpose. The Harlow Group also accepts responsibility for the health and safety of third parties who may be affected by our activities.

We actively promote health and safety in the workplace and we will provide our clients information relating to our business activities upon request.

Corporate Responsibilities

The principles that have been adopted by Harlow Group Ltd give a clear understanding regarding the responsibilities we share with our customers and suppliers for certain social matters.

In the conduct of our activities, Harlow Group Ltd will deal openly and fairly with suppliers, customers and employees in all aspects of our business


The Harlow Group is aware of its responsibility to the environment and the climate.

From recycling materials to reduction in energy usage, there are always new initiatives being pursued.

The company has been credited with the latest Sony Green Partnership Standard, which promotes environmental awareness in all areas of the business, including:

  • Energy saving factory lighting
  • Electrically driven press brakes
  • Reclaim powder process
  • Recycled nitrogen generation
  • Recycled cardboard
  • Recycled paper
  • Recycled metal
  • Returnable / re-usable packaging

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