The Alpha Cell is our stand-alone prototype and pre-production unit. The key objective is to reduce time to market for your new product / product enhancement ideas. The Alpha Cell is totally separate from day-to-day production and this facility has a dedicated, specialised team assigned to it. The Alpha Cell provides a dedicated sheet metal prototype service and a rapid response to new product introduction. From one-off projects, through to pre-production test runs, the Alpha Cell provides a complete design & prototyping solution, linked to the latest Speed to Market processes. The benefits to our customers include:

  • Dedicated prototype and pre-production
  • Fast track prototyping
  • Latest fibre laser and brake press technology
  • Latest speed to market software


We work together to plan, execute and control best practices in the area of new product development. Our sheet metal project management teams deliver to agreed milestones on cost, quality and performance. All new products are managed through a dedicated project team.

This comprises experienced engineers and skilled sheet metalworkers. You are welcome to book a visit to see the Alpha Cell.

Our project management team comprises:

  • ‘Fit for purpose and cost’ consultation
  • Project leader (first point of contact)
  • Cad / Cam engineers and Technical engineers
  • Purchasing and Logistics specialists

If you'd like to get in touch with us, drop us a line.